Tara on why she could retire happy from wrestling

Phillip Barnard of The Houston Pro Wrestling Examiner is featuring an interview with TNA Knockout Tara discussing the company celebrating 10 years and why she would be happy with her career if she had to suddenly retire.

“If I were to retire today, I would not have any regrets. I’ve been doing this 12 years now, and have gotten to live out my dream. I can’t pick out a favorite match or opponent, because I had so many favorites. It wouldn’t be fair to pick one over the other, because I’ve gotten to work with some of the greatest women in the business. One highlight though was getting to work with May Young and The Fabulous Moolah during my WWE run. Getting to be in the ring with Moolah on her 80th birthday was a tremendous honor, and to find out that moment was included in her movie “Lipstick and Dynamite” was an even bigger honor for me.”