Sting on recent live Impact rating: “It completely sucked”

During an appearance on The Busted Open Show on satellite radio, TNA’s Sting discussed the rather lackluster television rating on 5/31 for Impact Wrestling.

“It wasn’t fairly low. It completely sucked. From what I heard it was one of the worst ones we have had in a long time. That’s fuel for the fire for you guys. I know it is. It’s one of those times when you have to go ‘oh my god!’ You can’t win for losing. I believe no one really knew that we were eight o’clock instead of nine o’clock. We were up against the NBA. I’m sorry but it was a double whammy. The very first week on a new time slot, and I just don’t believe anyone really knew. I think it’s going to be a while before they catch on. I’m saying this publicly for the first time so if Dixie hears this, it’s ok. I told Bruce Prichard this…that first week I don’t know what it and Bobby had a great reaction, but the live buzz didn’t seem like it was right. I couldn’t put a finger on it. Then as the rest of the night went on I was asking around ‘where’s the buzz?’ and everyone was in agreement. Then I started to think, we do all of the TV tapings here, we do most of our PPV’s here, so it just felt like another TV taping even though we were live. But last night for some reason had a live buzz to it for the whole show. So I’m hoping this momentum will be picked up.”

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