TNA Champion Bobby Roode was featured on The LAW discussing his feelings with the decision for him to lose at Bound for Glory against Kurt Angle and why it ended up being the better decision.

“It was interesting to say the least, but the only thing I can say is that obviously things happen for a reason. Looking back, if I had defeated Kurt Angle that night and went on as a world champion as the babyface, who knows how long I would have lasted? I think just the character change, and turning into the “It Factor” and the “Leader of the Selfish Generation” gave me that little bit extra, and obviously has done well for me. It’s not only helped elevate myself, but it’s elevated other people. It’s elevated James Storm as well. Like I said, everything happens for a reason. People were obviously disappointed. I was really disappointed, but a short time after that, it was November the 3rd, I ended up winning the world title.

Like I said, things happen for a reason, and things are said for a reason. It’s professional wrestling, and everybody’s entitled to their own opinion. I just took it as an eye-opener, and it did put a chip on my shoulder. When I went out there that night and I lost to Kurt, that pissed me off. Hulk’s comments, and losing that night on such a big night, after such a big build-up, getting the opportunity again on television to go out there and possibly be a world champion changed my focus and changed my attitude.”