AJ Styles says TNA should hold a PPV in the UK

SunSport’s WrestleCast is featuring an interview with TNA wrestler AJ Styles where he pushes the idea of TNA running a PPV in the UK.

“We’ve probably grown most in Britain. The television over here is just amazing. But what baffles me the most is why we haven’t run a PPV here. That’s what I want to see. And not just any PPV. I want to see Slammiversary here. I want to see Bound for Glory here. These fans, they want it – let’s give it to them. They’ll be there, they’ll watch it. What’s the problem? Let’s get it done. Just tape it. You’d get it a couple of hours late (in the US) but people are going to buy the PPV whether it’s taped or not. They’re going to want to see it. If it’s a money issue, then there are going to be so many people in that arena that it’s not even going to be a factor.”