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TNA — $6,000 Championship Belt JACKED from Under Stagehand’s Nose

TNA’s heavyweight championship belt — valued at roughly $6,000 — was stolen earlier this month from right under a stagehand’s nose … but thankfully, the suspected thieves have been caught … with the help of TECHNOLOGY.

TNA sources tell TMZ, the alleged belt-snatching took place on August 18th in Ottumwa, Iowa before a non-televised event while a stagehand was unloading props from his truck.

We’re told the stagehand turned away for a split second, and one of the suspects grabbed the $6,000 belt — along with a $400 replica — and took off.

The two suspects were later identified by police using surveillance footage.

33-year-old Joel Luke and 39-year-old Forrest Jamison were arrested Wednesday before posting bail and being released. Luke was charged with 2nd-degree theft and Jamison was charged with accessory.

The belts have since been returned to TNA — and somehow, the stagehand still has his job.