is featuring an interview with TNA Tag Team Champion Christopher Daniels where he talks about the changes within TNA in the last year.

“I think in the last year, especially since we’ve gone live, we’ve had a lot of things fall into place for us. We’ve got a great creative unit going on. And in the last nine months with the creative team, they’ve been very open to collaboration. In the past we’ve had guys who’ve never wrestled who tried to steer the ship and they didn’t seem to have a very good grasp on how to do wrestling. Now, this creative team has guys who’ve wrestled in the past and guys who have been writing wrestling for a very long time. And, they come to us and ask for collaboration. Now, every idea we give them isn’t used, but at least they’ve heard our voices. I personally feel like Frankie Kazarian and I have turned the corner as far as performers, as far as a tag team. I feel like we’re the best team going now, I feel like we have the most entertaining matches. When we’re on the microphone, when we’re on camera, I think we’re more entertaining than anyone else when it comes to tag teams.”

Thanks to Marc Kruskol for sending word.