Matches taped last night…

Desmond Wolfe cut a promo inside a cage claiming that he the hold Kurt Angle used (a triangle) is illegal, and thus, he really didn’t lose. They are setting up a best two out of three falls match at the December PPV. Angle came out to the cage and they started brawling. Wolfe used Brass Knux to lay Angle out and rammed his head into the cage.

– The Motor City Machine Guns & Beer Money defeated British Invasion & Sheik Abdul Bashir & Kiyoshi

– Mick Foley came out with a patch over his eye, selling the fireball. Foley said that because of Hogan, he now needs an ID pass to get into the Impact Zone. Raven does a promo saying Foley is more worried about Hogan than the issue at hand. They announced Foley & Abyss vs. Raven & Dr. Stevie.

– X-division champion Amazing Red defeated Scott Steiner via disqualification after destroying Red, but then using the pipe. Bobby Lashley made the save so they are rematched at the Final Resolution PPV next month.

– Hamada defeated Taylor Wilde

– Abyss & Foley defeated Raven & Stevie via DQ. Foley didn’t come out, which made it a handicap match. Raven tried to throw fire but Abyss kicked the lighter out of his hand and the ref saw it and called for the DQ. After the match, they beat down Abyss.

– Daniels & Desmond Wolfe defeated Kurt Angle & TNA World Heavyweight champion AJ Styles when Daniels pinned Styles following a moonsault.

– Team 3-D & Rhino defeated D’Angelo Dinero & Matt Morgan & Hernandez. Jesse Neal is now a heel and hit Hernandez with a chair allowing rhino to get the pin.

– Sarita defeated Alissa Flash. Traci Brooks attacked Flash after the match, setting up a Brooks vs. Flash feud.

– Bobby & Kristal Lashley (former WWE diva Kristal Marshall) did an interview together. Kristal said Steiner was sick and has been disrespecting her and when she barks, Bobby bites.

– Eric Young & Kevin Nash defeated Beer Money, Inc.

Foley goes to Kevin Nash after and wants to know why Hogan is coming. He needs the money. Nash said Foley is paranoid. Nash teases an NWO reunion when Hogan returns.

– Suicide defeated Homicide. After the match, Homicide tries to unmask Suicide but the Pope makes the save. Pope wanted a handshake but Suicide refused, the lights went out, and Suicide disappeared

– Alex Shelley defeated Doug Williams

– Foley ordered Angle in a handicap match against Stevie & Raven because he was mad that Angle didn’t tell him about Hogan coming when he knew it

Kurt Angle defeated Raven & Stevie with the ankle lock on Raven. Abyss gave Stevie a black hole slam on the ramp. Wolfe laid out Angle with a DDT on the ramp after the match.

(credit: Figure Four Online)

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