Predictions from the Faculty Lounge
PPV: TNA Turning Point (November 15)
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Predictions by: staff and readers

Greetings students! After a two week break from making predictions, it is time for the final months of the predictions game for the year. We only have six more pay-per-views until this game will be over. What a ways we all went since we started the predictions game in Against All Odds 2009.

Well, only five more pay-per-views to predict after we complete out Turning Point picks. The card looks ok, with some high spots and low spots. Hopefully to those who will buy the show, you won?t be disappointed. Hopefully you will not be disappointed in reading our predictions for TNA’s Turning Point.

Speaking of the words ?turning point?, we had one of the biggest upsets in our game. Joe Baiamonte has dominated our game since its inception. He went undefeated for the Against All Odds show and never looked back for a few months until David Stephens took over for a week or two. Then Josh Boutwell made a battle for the top spot, but can only tie Baiamonte. Well after the Bragging Rights PPV and for the second time since we began the predictions, Baiamonte does not have the ?Dean? name. That honor now goes to the author of ?Wrestling Rumblings?, Jose Marrero.

Will Dean Marrero be able to maintain his top spot? Or will he lose his top spot to a very hunger list of candidates, including Professors Boutwell and Baiamonte? We will find out at approximately 11:00PM tonight!

As always, before our predictions are displayed, let’s present the current standings as of WWE’s Bragging Rights.

1) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)?????????..??92-63 (2-3)
2) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)?????????……..91-63 (1-4)
3) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza and TNA Recapper)…???91-64 (1-4)
4) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and ECW Recapper)??88-67 (2-3)
5) WrestleView Students (The Loyal Readers)???????.88-67 (2-3)
6) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/ROH Recaps)?84-71 (2-3)
7) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)???????????????????81-54 (1-4)
8) Mike Siciliano (Pro’s From the Palace)???????????77-72 (2-3)**
9) Matt O?Brien (Notes From The Nosebleeds)????????.69-52 (3-2)
10) Chris Kelly (King of All Wrestling Media)?????????..65-40 (2-3)
11) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought..)??????????..60-60 (2-3)
12) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)???????????.58-62 (1-4)
13) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)??????????????.50-39 (2-3)
14) Mike Tedesco (Smackdown and Superstars Recapper)?.28-18 (0-0)
15) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)?????????????..20-14 (0-0)
16) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)?????????????????????.4-4 (0-0)

**To see Mike Siciliano’s picks in-depth, check out Pro’s From the Palace #350.**

Absent this week are: Phil Chroniger, Mike Tedesco, Mike Klubnik, and Ryan Droste.

And now, our predictions are set. The Faculty ?has spoken?.

Non-Title Contests

Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner

Jose M. – LASHLEY continues to establish momentum by thrashing Steiner.


Josh B. – LASHLEY.

David S. – Hahaha good one. Come on Mr. V, this isn?t a real match, these guys don?t even wrestle professionally anymore. Wait, you?re serious? Wow, um LASHLEY then?

Anthony V. – I am a fan of this feud. It is a guilty pleasure. I should hate this, but Scott’s shenanigans are just too humorous. The comedy ends here and BOBBY LASHLEY will win by submission. However, I would say there is a 20% chance that Lashley DQ’s himself ala Samoa Joe months back.

Josh P. – For all things holy and good… Lashley better walk out the winner in this one. BOBBY LASHLEY.


Matt O. – LASHLEY.


Doug L. – LASHLEY via submission… he’ll make Steiner full extend out his right arm, causing the skin to tear and tears of pain to well in Big Poppa’s eyes. BTW – My carny friend Chuck is busy making me a Krystal airbrush T-shirt… jealous aren’t ya!

Sean H. – LASHLEY.

And the consensus winner is?BOBBY LASHLEY! The runaway winner here. The entire faculty is 100% certain that Lashley will defeat Steiner and once again win the heart of his wife Krystal.

Vote: Lashley 11; Steiner 0.

Six-Man Tag Team Match
Team 3D (Brother Ray and Devon) and Rhino vs. Matt Morgan, Hernandez, and DeAngelo Dinero

Jose M. – This match could really go either way but I am leaning towards the “New Blood” of MORGAN/POPE/HERNANDEZ getting the win somehow and maybe dealing with some sort of post match antics.



David S. – This is essentially TNA v. Old Skool ECW. The younger guys are really shooting for the moon recently so they have a solid chance. (and if they miss they?ll still be among stars! (can?t believe I just said that)) I?m going with the team of SUPER D2M2.

Anthony V. – This one is tough to call here. What side will Dinero truly be on? No matter, I am still a fan of Elijah Burke. I think when it all comes down to this, ?this fix? will be in and the young guys win this match. I am 60% sure of this, MORGAN/HERNANDEZ/DINERO win this match.

Josh P. – I don’t know why, but I think that the heels will go over in this one… TEAM 3D/RHINO




Doug L. – MORGAN/HERNANDEZ/DINERO via more ‘proving’ storylines. I’m seriously sick of the whole ‘proving’ angles and ‘boys in the back’ storylines. Can’t we see some traditional face/heel angles?


And the consensus winners are?MORGAN/HERNANDEZ/DINERO! The majority of the faculty agree that the youth movement will continue and 3D and Rhino pose no threat to the wrestlers with many nicknames (?Blueprint?, ?Super Mex?, and ?The Pope? respectively).

Vote: Morgan/Hernandes/Dinero 9; Team 3D and Rhino 2.

Six Sides of Steel
Awesome Kong vs. Tara

Jose M. – Everyone has been saying that the Kim Couture angle has been scrapped for some reason I remain a bit unconvinced. After all why have the first match of this feud wind up in a cage if not for the MMA comparisons? I am going to lean towards TARA although I could easily see another Couture run in that costs her the match.


Josh B. – KONG.

David S. – Tara has no shot at this belt, none whatsoever. Don?t believe me? Go watch the classic movie, King KONG. Caging and restraining Kong didn?t work out so well, in fact it only aggravated a raging monster. The beauty won?t be killing the beast this time around.

Anthony V. – The darkhorse match of the night. If this is good on paper, it should amount to that in the ring. If Randy Coture’s (ex) wife does not interfere, I think Tara has a shot. But I will go with the dominant one. AWESOME KONG should win this match, but I am only about 50/55% sure on this.

Josh P. – If anyone can beat Awesome Kong, it will probably be Tara… but Kong has been built up a bit.. so I’ll go with her. AWESOME KONG.

Mike S. – TARA.


Chris K. – TARA.

Doug L. – KONG via complete annihilation of the former exotic dancer (er… I think… least she wishes she were one). Have you ever put a mouse in a fishtank were a snake is just lurking in the shadows of its log? That sense of evil and impending carnage? That’s what I feel right now…

Sean H. – TARA.

And the consensus winner is?AWESOME KONG! A few votes did go to Tara in this contest, but Kong will be too powerful for the ex-WWE Diva inside a steel cage.

Vote: Awesome Kong 7; Tara 4.

Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle

Jose M. – Kurt has been made to look weak for weeks on end against this guy and I think ANGLE is going to get his win back here but this won’t be the end of the feud.


Josh B. – WOLFE.

David S. – I can?t believe Nigel cut his hair, it was the stuff of legend. I could never even figure out how he pulled it off. I do a lot to my hair, but there is no way I could wrap my mind around his style. Oh yeah, I?m supposed to be predicting the match. Alright baldy, aka WOLFE, this one is yours.

Anthony V. – This one is another tough one, as I am a fan of both wrestlers. This should be a good, technical fight here. With the streak Wolfe is in, I will say that DESMOND WOLFE (with a 60% chance) wins this match. I think this is the first time I did not go with Angle this year on a PPV.

Josh P. – I hope hope and hope some more than Angle does the job. I have a bad feeling he won’t because I want Nigel to win so badly.. but gut instinct just says angle… KURT ANGLE

Mike S. – NIGEL MCGUINNESS. (Prof. Siciliano refuses to call him in any other way.)



Doug L. – WOLFE via something neck-related that makes him take off his sunglasses. I pray TNA Creative does the smart thing and prolongs this feud… we need something to keep Angle from the main event for at least another couple months.

Sean H. – ANGLE.

And the consensus winner is?DESMOND WOLFE! Though Professor O?Brien called this a no contest, the slight majority will go with the hot hand in Wolfe/Nigel. However in a near split decision, don?t be surprised that Angle comes out on top here.

Vote: Desmond Wolfe 6; Kurt Angle 4; No Contest 1.

Championship Matches

**For all the Knockout’s Championships**
ODB, Taylor Wilde, and Sarita (c’s) vs. Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, and Lacey Von Erich

Jose M. – I am going with ODB/WILDE/SARITA just because TNA seems to have a good thing going with there women divisions and it would be a major step backwards to have there titles change hands in a 6 man match. That and Lacey Von Erich is not ready to be any kind of champion at this point in her career.



David S. – What the F—?!? Really TNA? Really? Just mark me as keeping the belts on the people who hold them (ODB/SARITA/WILDE). I?m not giving ?creative? the satisfaction of thinking I analyzed it.

Anthony V. – This is going to be bad, and it won?t be the champions fault. On paper, you know who ‘should? win. But in all TNA Pay-Per-Views, they give at least one title to someone who does not deserve this. In a huge upset, I am going with THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (55% chance) to win the championships. Don?t know who gets what, but I hope I am wrong on this.

Josh P. – Another crackpot idea by TNA. How the hell does this even get decided on who gets what belts? I’m going to go out on a limb and say we’ll see a changing of the guards. THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE




Doug L. – ODB/WILDE/SARITA via pose off. The posing at the top of the ramp will take longer than the actual match. Jazz hands, ladies! BTW – Will The Beautiful People be sluts on Sunday or will they be coming back from yoga class with the stretch pants?


And the consensus winner is?THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. I know I don?t speak for the Faculty, but I hope we are wrong here. Anyways, with the split majority of us choosing this we do predict that there will be a set of titles changing hands (though some may not deserve this).

Final Vote: Sky, Rayne, and Von Erich 6; ODB, Wilde, and Sarita 5.

**For the TNA X Division Championship**
Amazing Red (c) vs. Homicide

Jose M. – This is very interesting and tough to predict for me. It looked as if one point they were trying to put Homicide in a feud with Suicide and I am unsure of how that is going to happen. While Red did gain Don West as a manager he has been very bland as the champion and I think HOMICIDE as the champion would make for a much more interesting X Division. I am going with the Notorious 187 here.


Josh B. – RED.

David S. – I can?t pick against my boy no matter the circumstances. AMAZING RED FTW!

Anthony V. – I will for one enjoy this. I am a fan of the X once again, it is reborn! I am a big fan of Homicide, but I am going to say it is about a 75% chance that AMAZING RED will do something breath-taking to retain this championship. Homicide will go crazy and cost himself the match.

Josh P. – Amazing Red is still on a roll.. especially with Don West just starting to back him. I’m going to say Red retains. AMAZING RED


Matt O. – RED.


Doug L. – RED via Homicidal ADHD. Seriously… is Homicide supposed to paranoid or psychotic or just plain hyperactive? Check out the past segments involving World Elite and keep your eye on 5150… someone needs to up his Adderall.

Sean H. – RED.

And the consensus winner is?THE AMAZING RED! Though our leaders among the Faculty selected a new X champion, the rest of the professors chose Red to successfully defend his championship.

Final Vote: Amazing Red 9; Homicide 2.

**For the TNA World Tag Team Championship**
The British Invasion (c’s) vs. The Motor City Machineguns vs. Beer Money, Inc.

Jose M. – I never really like it when you throw the heel tag team against two babyface teams. It kind of makes you sympathetic for the heel team if you think about it. I am going with the BRITISH INVASION just because I believe they could get a lot more mileage out of a one on one feud with either The guns or Beer Money.

Joe B. – THE BRITISH INVASION (gotta be patriotic).


David S. – This is a tough one, one sec I?m going to flip a coin? well after several attempts I realized there is no way to make a two sided coin have three legit options. I guess I?ll just have BRITISH retain to save myself the trouble of finding a three sided coin.

Anthony V. – I actually would consider these three tag teams to be the best in wrestling. The Brits only held these titles for a month, so do I think they will lose the straps to two teams that are equally deserving? It is tough. I have to think, what will Vince Russo do? Ugh, this will be a 40% chance in my book, but I will go with THE MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS due to the fact that Beer Money will be fighting the Brits hard. The Guns (thought spotty and no-sell) do deserve a title run. Chemistry wise, they are the best in TNA and deserve a shot to run with them.

Josh P. – Beer Money is always a good choice, but I think the MCMG are overdue for a run with the titles… I can seem them possibly picking them up and being the dark horse winners here. MCMG




Doug L. – BRITISH INVASION via reasons for the segments. Could someone tell me the last time these titles were fought on a team-vs-team basis? BTW – Over/Under for ‘Tower of Doom’ spots = 1.5

Sean H. – BRITISH INVASION. Again, I hate the name Beer Money, Inc. To me, it represents everything wrong with TNA. I will never choose them.

And the consensus winner is?THE BRITISH INVASION! Leave it to our British columnists to break this deadlock. This could potentially be a great match, but if you were betting on this contest, bet on the champs. That is what the majority of us selected anyway.

Final Vote: The British Invasion 6; Motor City Machineguns 4; Beer Money 1.

**For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship**
AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniels

Jose M. – I have AJ STYLES getting out of this PPV with his title belt intact as the bald man winds up becoming revealed as Tyson Tomko and segues into another boring feud.


Josh B. – AJ STYLES.

David S. – These guys had some amazing matches against each other in the past. Let’s keep the belt on Mr. STYLES this month.

Anthony V. – This will be an 85% chance of this occurring. Joe is getting humiliated since being destroyed by the MEM. Daniels should not be champion. This won?t be anywhere near their ?best match ever?, but AJ STYLES will win this match. I expect Tomko to attack AJ after the match is over.

Josh P. – I want Joe to win… it would be refreshing to see Christopher Daniels with a world title for once.. but in the end, I think AJ will retain by pinning Daniels and starting a feud over their friendship. In fact, next week on iMPACT! Daniels will throw AJ against the ring and screw “You were supposed to be my friend!” AJ STYLES

Mike S. – AJ STYLES.

Matt O. – STYLES.

Chris K. – AJ STYLES.

Doug L. – STYLES via too many questions… since being a member of WrestleView and doing these predictions (and failing miserably)… I cannot think of another world champion that would allow me to make his title in lower-case. I’m about as interested in this main event as I am in paying rent next month… wait… is this the main event?!

Sean H. – STYLES.

And the consensus winner is?AJ STYLES! This is the second time on this card that we agreed on the same guy. AJ will come in with the title and come out with the title. Maybe we should have predicted a Tomko appearance, but for now stick with AJ to defend the title.

Final Vote: AJ Styles 11; Samoa Joe 0; Daniels 0.

Well, this wraps up yet another exciting edition of Predictions From The Faculty. We hope that you enjoyed this weekend’s edition. And as always if you want to make your own predictions and be a part of the ?WrestleView Students?, please e-mail me at The winner not only receives an e-mail acknowledgement, but will receive a ?Gold Star? in Mr. V’s 42nd installment of ?From The Desk of Mr. V?. Thanks in advance for your predictions.

Until WWE’s Survivor Series, we will be crunching our numbers until Sunday to determine the winners. Have a good week, fellow students of WrestleView. You are all??DISMISSED!!!!

As always, the columnists appreciate your continued support in the predictions. We will see you all in a couple weeks.

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