Jeremy Samples sent this in.

TNA Wrestling — One Night Only Xtravaganza

Xscape Cage Match featuring Christian York v. Jimmy Rave v. Matt Bentley v. Alex Silva v. Sam Shaw v. Puma
Winner: Christian York

Kid Kash & Douglas Williams v. Anthony Nese & Rashad Cameron
Winners: Kid Kash & Douglas Williams

Robbie E comes out and say he invented the X division. Chavo Guerrero interrupts and says since his family’s roots were in Mexico and lucha libre, he invented the X division. They then fight with a referee who’s family has roots in the X Division, as well, Joseph Park.

Robbie E v. Chavo Guerrero, Special Ref: Joseph Park
Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Ultimate X: Kenny King v. Zema Ion v. Mason Andrews v. Rubix
Winner: Kenny King, after stealing the X away from Rubix

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian v. Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams
Winners: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

After the match, Petey Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on Christopher Daniels.

No-Disqualification Match — RVD v. Jerry Lynn
Winner: RVD

Great match. Spots very reminiscent of past matches the two have had. RVD wins with the Five-Star Frog Splash. After the match, the two celebrate and hug, as the entire TNA locker room comes out to congratulate Jerry Lynn on a great career.

Samoa Joe v. Austin Aries
Winner: Austin Aries

TNA also gave out free t-shirts, the discount code for ShopTNA, and free autographs with Kid Kash, Douglas Williams, and Christian York at this show.