Williams dumbfounded by his release

The Slam Wrestling website has a story on Petey Williams who is still dumbfounded as to why TNA released him.

He said: “My contract was up for renewal in January 2009 and everything seemed to be going well… Out of the blue, I received a call from head of talent relations for TNA, Terry Taylor, saying my contract was not going to be renewed. I still don?t understand why the contract was not renewed. It may have been a money issue since I was the highest paid guy
in the X Division. They also mentioned freshening up the roster but I am one of the youngest guys so that doesn?t make sense. I guess more than anything, I would like an explanation why I was released.” He said he had offers from WWE, but didn’t want to go to developmental in Tampa as
he has mouths to feed and bills to pay. “If I had the same offer five years ago I would have agreed,” he said. “Now that I am married with a mortgage, it changes things.”

(credit: Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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