Jeff Hardy on critics of former WWE stars now in TNA

Eric Lacy of is featuring an interview with current TNA Champion Jeff Hardy where he talks about people describing TNA as a play for former WWE guys to go to “collect a paycheck” and the influence of talent like Hulk Hogan and Sting in the company.

Critics saying TNA is only a place for former WWE stars to “collect a paycheck”:
“You know, I’m not sure. We’re way different than WWE. We may never be as big as WWE, but the cool thing about TNA is that we are the alternative. So people who get tired and bored with the WWE – I’ve been there, I understand – there’s an alternative and something else to watch. For special wrestlers, there’s somewhere else to go – as long as you’re not brainwashed by that WWE mentality. There’s other worlds out there; it’s OK to switch around.”

The influence talent like Hulk Hogan and Sting have on TNA:
“Just being Hulk Hogan and here in TNA is huge; Sting is here, too. They’re big-time involved with the younger guys whether its advice their style, compliments on a good job or giving some kind of direction. They are big-time involved and I think it definitely helps to have them and their knowledge here to help these guys that (previously) didn’t get it that much. It helps slow them down and work smarter. Even just character-wise, they help all talent here.”

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