TNA One Night Only PPV dates, Jesse Sorensen update

Dates for the first two TNA “One Night Only” PPV events

The first TNA “One Night Only: X-Division Xtravaganza” PPV special will debut on Friday, 4/5 (the same weekend as Wrestlemania 29). That event features the last ever match between Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam. The next special, “Joker’s Wild”, will debut on 5/3.

Jesse Sorensen reflects on neck injury one year later

Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of the very serious neck injury that TNA X Division wrestler Jesse Sorensen suffered at the 2012 Against All Odds PPV. Sorensen suffered the injury during a match with Zema Ion. He issued a series of tweets reflecting on the injury one year later adding, “Alot can change in life in just an instant. Very thankful & blessed to not be in the position I was in a year ago. Thank you to everyone who’s supported me thru this long crazy year. I am grateful to each & everyone of you! As for wrestling I can’t exactly say if or when I will return but I am thankful for the opportunities I was given by @IMPACTWRESTLING & everyone that helped me in this business. I love & respect this business more than most &I had a blast! Thank you all for allowing me to entertain you to the best of my abilities. I am very inspired & motivated to do it again some day. See ya down the road fans & followers.