James Soubasis passed this along.


When the Hulkster runs wild on you! In a blockbuster announcement Legends of the Ring is proud to announce the “Crown Jewel” of all guests to be appearing at Wrestlecon on Saturday April 6th 2013.

Hulk Hogan (Courtesy of Prince Marketing Group) makes his way to town for a special limited meet and greet opportunity. One of the most if not the most famous and popular wrestlers ever will be signing autographs and doing photo opps with the first lucky 200 fans who purchase their Hulk Hogan tickets.

With a worldwide captive audience in town for the greatest wrestling weekend to EVER invade the NYC-NJ area. These tickets will not last long once they go on sale.

The Details:

Exclusive 24 inch Python VIP Pack: 500.00 Only 24 of these are available!

-Front of the line Access (First Block or first 24 in line)
-Hulk Hogan Photo opp and Autograph
-5 Autographed Hulk Hogan items (your item)
(A 600.00 value)

“The Hulk Hogan Experience” 150.00 (per person)
(Only 200 tickets will be released)
All tickets will be numbered and you will be grouped into blocks the lower the number the quicker you meet him. No need to wait in line for hours. Just get in a short line when your block number is called

Choose either:

A) 1 Autograph and 1 photo opp
B) 2 Autographs.

Extra Items: 75.00 (must purchase the Hulk Hogan experience to qualify to purchase these)
Very Important! In addition to the 200 “experience tickets” There will ONLY be a TOTAL of 200 extra items tickets issued. These will be sold on a first come first serve basis. To make it fair we must impose a limit of 5 extra items per experience ticket but remember only a pool of 200 total extra items will be sold. The early bird gets the worm on these!

Tickets go on sale on Saturday Morning February 16th at 10am EST. at www.legendsofthering.com (refresh keep refreshing your browsers at this time) These will sell out quick!

Remember ONLY 200 VIP tickets will be sold!!!!!!!!!!