Buff Bagwell caught lying again, RVD in new documentary

Buff Bagwell caught lying again in new interview

Wrestleview’s Josh Boutwell passed this along.

Buff Bagwell recently did an interview with 4th & Pain Podcast and addressed the interview a few months ago about him saying that he was in talks with TNA:

“Let me stop you right there and clarify everything that some have said that I said. There has never been one interview that anybody can play or say that I spoke to eric bischoff. I want to clarify that and say it again, I to this day have not spoken to Eric Bischoff. So that rumor got out. It wasn’t true, I didn’t say it. It’s actually hurt me some. I have never spoken to him, I have not spoken to him. There is no recording of me saying it because I have never said it. Sting called me and asked if I had said that and I said no. Anyway it got back to him (Bischoff) and I never said it.”

Yet, in January on the ShiningWizard Podcast he said this:

“Me and Eric are talking. Sting wants me to come down there and work for TNA. So we are in talks, we are waiting for me to get back to 100%. We are about 2 weeks out. I just spoke to Sting yesterday. So Eric is gonna bring me down and talk to me and just see what happens, so I am in the mix with maybe going back to TNA now.”

You can listen to it in his own words here (it starts at 2:00:30), you can download the mp3 or listen to it on the site: http://shiningwizards.wordpress.com/2012/12/06/episode-65-monday-night-wars-with-buff-bagwell-headbanger-thrasher/

Michael Moody passed this along.

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