Bully Ray, Devon to appear at “Legends of the Ring” event

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Get the tables – LEGENDS OF THE RING Goes “3P”

Statistically the most successful tag team in wrestling history makes their long overdue debut to LOTR.

Bully Ray and Devon- Fka “Team 3D” and “The Dudley Boys” and now collectively part of TNA’s Aces and Eights’s faction head their way to LOTR on June 8th in Monroe NJ. Specific time for the signing will be announced soon. It will fall between regular convention hours.

A Special VIP ticket limited to 100 pieces will be available for purchase for


This will include:
1 autograph from each Devon and Bully
1 photo opp with you and Devon and Bully


2 autographs from each Devon and Bully

After VIP ticketed people finish the line we will serve our individual ticketed fans.

Team Photo opp with Devon and Bully $50.00
Single Autographs (each member) $20.00

Limited tickets will go on sale shortly at www.legendsofthering.com Bully Ray and Devon join other Featured guests: STING, ADAM COPELAND FKA EDGE and our Superticket headliner BRUNO SAMMARTINO at this Star studded event. Advance tickets are Strongly advised to avoid a sellout!

For Further Information go to www.legendsofthering.com

Recap of Q and A session with TNA star Chris Sabin

Wrestleview’s own Josh Boutwell passed this along.

I put together a majority of the Questions & Answers from Chris Sabin’s Q&A on Twitter on Thursday night.

QUESTION: When are you coming back?
SABIN: Next week!

Q: Are you going to be using the La Magistral Cradle as your finishing maneuver from now on?
SABIN: Nope. That involves a rotation on my left knee.

Q: What are you most thankful for?
SABIN: The life I’ve been given and the dream I’m meant to chase.

Q: Will you be reverting to your more strength based style you had pre-MCMG this time around?
SABIN: My style will be different and better than ever. No spoilers.

Q: Favorite place to visit in Michigan?
SABIN: My house.

Q: Any plans for another album/EP from The High Crusade?
* NOTE: The High Crusade is the band that Sabin put together with Alex Shelley & Petey Williams several years ago along with some other musicians kind of like Jericho’s Fozzy band. The actually put out on an album in 2010: http://www.thehighcrusade.com/

Q: What was the worst match you ever had?
SABIN: I think I was in a “Reverse Battle Royal” (Feast or Fired) one time that won a worst match of the year award.

Q: What are your plans when you come back to Impact Wrestling this month? Will you go after teh X-Division Title or Tag Titles?
SABIN: My goal will be the World Title.

Q: Who is your favorite super hero?
SABIN: Jesus

Q: What schools in Michigan would you recommend to someone who wants to be a professional wrestler?
SABIN: House of Truth, and the BCW Pro Wrestling School in Windsor, Canada.

Q: What is your favorite band?
Sabin: Hard to say, love Led Zeppelin.

Q: Are you excited for Batma Arkham Origins?
SABIN: Gotta finish Arkham Asylum first.

Q: How big of a impact are guys like Shelley, Styles, & Daniels in your career?
SABIN: Everyone I have ever met has had some part in shaping who I am.

Q: Favorite meal after a big match?
SABIN: Double Quarterpounder from McDonalds.

Q: What is your favorite Pokemon?
SABIN: Pikachu is cool.

Q: What move do you wish you had thought of first?
SABIN: The headlock.

Q: How much longer before you can return to the ring?
SABIN: 1 week.

Q: What are your thoughts of the UK and do you enjoy wrestling over here?
SABIN: Love wrestling over there. Great fans.

Q: Is it possible the MCMG (Motor City Machine Guns) return later this year?
SABIN: Not possible at all.

Q: What have you been doing in this time off?
SABIN: Training, studying, preparing.

Q: Which opponents are you most looking forward to competing against once you come back?
SABIN: I don’t discriminate, I’ll beat anyone.

Q: How does it feel to be back in the ring?
SABIN: It’s where I belong, feels great!

Q: When you’re back in the ring are you going to be rocking the MCMG music or new music?
SABIN: Hopefully new.

Q: Who would you like to wrestle/feud with now that you’re back?
SABIN: Whoever has the World Title.

Q: If you started a wrestling company who’d be the first person you’d sign?
SABIN: Myself, to a fat contract.

Q: What’s your least favorite wrestling move to be on the end of?
SABIN: Anything that slams me on my head/neck/back really hard.

Q: Should fans ever wait for MCMG reunion in TNA?
SABIN: Don’t hold your breath.

Q: Will the MCMG return?
SABIN: Not a chance.

Q: Will you come back at 100% for one more title shot?

Q: Thoughts on your Ultimate X Match with AJ Styles & Petey Williams?
SABIN: (It was) untouchable.

Q: Craziest move/spot you ever seen in a TNA ring?
SABIN: Kaz Leg Drop off Ultimate X (Victory Road ’08).

Q: Are you still in a band?

Q: Least favorite Hebner? Brian or Earl?
SABIN: The Hebners are saints!

Q: Which do you prefer – being a singles wrestler or tag team?
SABIN: Singles.

Q: If you could have any manager or valet, past or present, who would it be?
SABIN: Bobby Heenan

Q: Are you happy that Petey & Sonjay are back in TNA?
SABIN: Very (happy).

Q: Will there ever be a MCMG reunion to save the Tag Team division?

Q: Are you taking indy bookings?

Q: How do you feel about TNA’s evolution through the years?
SABIN: I feel it’s grown alot over 10 years.

Q: Will the Cradle Shock still be your finishing move or are we in for something new?
SABIN: Something new!

Q: Who’s your favorite tag team?
SABIN: Motor City Machine Guns.

Q: Thoughts on Prince Devitt (from New Japan)? Would you like to see him in a TNA ring?
SABIN: Yup, he’s great.

Q: Who made you awesome (ring) jacket?
SABIN: Brian Kendrick’s wife.

Q: Have you ever worked with (WWE’s) Seth Rollins?
SABIN: Yup, in Germany.

Q: What do you think about Impact Wrestling going on the road for now on?
SABIN: It’s great!

Q: Will you ever get revenge on Bobby Roode for kicking your crutch from under you?
SABIN: Don’t know how or when but he will regret ever doing that.

Q: How was it like wrestling The Kings of Wrestling (Antonio Cesaro/Claudio Castagnoli & Kasius Ohno/Chris Hero) with Shelly back in ROH?
SABIN: Reall, really great.

Q: Are you excited about going back on the road with Impact now that they’ve left the Impact Zone?
SABIN: Super excited.

Q: Do you think you are ready for a major title shot?
SABIN: Think? No. I know.

Q: If you could wrestle in any arena which one would you wrestle in?
SABIN: Madison Square Garden.

Q: Thoughts on Jerry Lynn?
SABIN: Learned alot from him, sad he is retiring.

Q: Favorite Joseph Park moment?
SABIN: All of them. His facial expressions are priceless.

Q: What is your favorite country or city to wrestle in? And your favorite venue?
SABIN: Its the fans that make the shows, not the location.

Q: What do you think about Aces & Eights?
SABIN: No problem with them. They haven’t done anything to me.

Q: If you could wrestle anyone past or present who would it be?
SABIN: Dean Malenko or Tiger Mask I (Satoru Sayama).

Q: Who is your best friend backstage in TNA?
SABIN: I haven’t really been there in about 2 years.

Q: Favorite Bound for Glory you competed in?
SABIN: Against Senshi (Low-Ki) in Michigan (Bound for Glory 2006 in Plymouth, MI)

Q: Who is the first man you want to face when you return? I thought Bobby Roode after his attack on you.
SABIN: He’ll get his…

Q: With Alex Shelley wrestling in Japan, what’s next for you in TNA?
SABIN: To dominate!

Q: Do you still know the counter to the Canadian Destroyer?
SABIN: I have 20 counters.

Q: What is your proudest moment with TNA?
SABIN: My proudest moment is yet to come.

Q: Do you like Jeff Hardy?
SABIN: Like? No. LOVE!

Q: What inspired you to begin wrestling?
SABIN: Been my dream as long as I can remember.