Jason Namako recaps the 9/26 TNA Impact Wrestling

Secondary report of the 9/26 TNA Impact Wrestling courtesy of Jason Namako.

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Little Rock, Arkansas
September 26, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see what happened last week between EGO & the Main Event Mafia. What’s next for Magnus? We see the problems between Bully Ray & the Aces and Eights. Will Bully Ray’s self-interest destroy the club? We then see what happened in the confrontation between AJ Styles & Dixie Carter.

We see Dixie Carter backstage walking down a hallway, then Sting stops her. Sting says Dixie must have gotten his texts. Why are you doing what you are doing to AJ? That’s not the Dixie Carter I know. Dixie says for Sting not to worry, she has this handled and Dixie walks off.

In the arena, the music of Aces & Eights hits as TNA Champion Bully Ray & Brooke Tessmacher make their way to the ring. Bully has a mic and says its not often that I’m at a loss of words, but Dixie Carter shocked the hell outta me. Last week, did you hear the way she put AJ Styles in his place? It was awesome, it was great. Ever since AJ won the BFG Series, I’ve been thinking, how am I gonna beat him? But, I don’t have to worry about that no more. Dixie is so inside AJ’s head that I have nothing to worry about. AJ Styles should kiss the ground Dixie Carter walks on. I don’t always see eye-to-eye with Dixie, but she made AJ phenomenal. She allowed AJ to perform in front of you morons. Oh, one more thing, do you know who I am?

Aces & Eights music hits again and the rest of the group walks to the ring. Knux has a mic and says we know who you are. You are the president of Aces & Eights and once again you are taking care of your own business instead of caring about your own club. You worry more about your “ho” than you do about your “bros.” Bully says he will say this only once, do not call her a “ho.” Crowd chants “Ho” at Tessmacher. Bully covers Tessmacher’s ears. Knux says tonight, against the Main Event Mafia, we will take care of club business. Us 3, Bully, not you. Bully says that you better get in line. You guys don’t make the rules, I do. I’m the president and you 3 might as well be called “lackeys”. You saw what I did to D-Lo, to Ken Anderson and to my own brother, Devon. What makes you all think I won’t do the same thing? If you lose your match tonight, one of you is out of MY club.

Bully & Tessmacher walk off as Aces & Eights are left in shock.

We see video of ODB winning the Knockouts Title last week.

Backstage, Joesph Park is shaving his face and singing “Sweet Caroline.” Eric Young & ODB walk in. Young asks what Park is doing, you trying to cut yourself? My hypothesis is that if you cut yourself, you turn into a monster. Park stops shaving and walks off. Young thinks about shaving himself, but ODB stops him and they walk off.


The Bro-Mans (Robbie E & Jesse) & Gail Kim vs. Eric Young, Joseph Park & TNA Knockouts Champion ODB

ODB & Gail start. Gail decides to tag out to Robbie E. ODB confers with her team, Park tags in. Robbie shoves Park. Park shoves Robbie down. Robbie with a gut shot. Park misses a clothesline, but Robbie bounces off Park when trying a crossbody. Robbie tries to slam Park, but Park slams him easily for a 1 count. Robbie rakes the eyes of Park, but runs into a boot. Park knocks down Jesse, but Robbie with a running shoulder.

Jesse in, Bro-Mans with a hard double whip sending Park sternum-first into the corner. Jesse chokes Park in the corner. Dropkick, but Park blocks a Sunset flip. Jesse avoids the butt drop, Robbie in. Robbie to the middle rope, flying clothesline. Robbie back to the middle rope, knee drop for a nearfall. Crowd wills on Park, Robbie stands on his throat. Right hands from the mount. Robbie paintbrushes Park and talks trash. Park comes back with a Samoan Drop, both men down. Young in, but the ref didn’t see the tag. Bro-Mans & Gail triple-team Park. Gail now in, gut kicks to Park. Slap by Gail, but that fires Park up. Robbie nails Park from behind, Jesse tagged in. Park counters a Bro-Mans double team with a double clothesline.

Young in, heads up top. Crossbody to the Bro-Mans. Flying forearm to Robbie, belly-to-belly to Jesse, Gail breaks up the pinfall. ODB in, sends Gail to the outside. Robbie with words to ODB. ODB grabs Robbie, smothers him with her knockers. Park clotheslines Robbie to the outside. DVD to Jesse. Park & Young both go up top. Flying splash by Park, top rope elbow by Young.

ODB in, splash to Jesse for the win.

Winners: Eric Young, Joseph Park & ODB by pinfall (Splash)

Young, Park & ODB celebrate their win afterwards.

We see Austin Aries backstage. Aries says he is heading out to the ring to let everyone know what’s next for Austin Aries.


We see video from earlier today with Hulk Hogan. Hogan says he saw what happened with AJ Styles and Dixie Carter last week and he is here to fix all of that.

The music of Austin Aries hits and Aries makes his way to the ring. Aries has a mic and says that is the kind of welcome I like to hear. People have been asking me what is next after coming up short in the BFG Series. Last year, myself & Jeff Hardy headlined Bound for Glory for the World Title. This year, that won’t be the case. But, every time I step into this ring, I am the main event. My future is looking just fine.

The music of Kenny King hits and he makes his way on the ramp way. King says that when you hear those trumpets, you know I’m in the building. I see you, Aries, I’m not trying to step on your toes. But, what you are saying is getting on my nerves. Aries tells King to come into the ring. King obliges. King says Aries likes to make headlines, but I was making headlines last year when I became X-Division Champion. But one day, the headlines read that I had the title stolen from Chris Sabin. Now, I knew I was gonna get my belt back. But somebody decided to dress up as Manik and steal my title and that was you. Now, that was genius, but now, I owe you one. Also, you were talking about the future like you are the future. Maybe 10 years ago you were Generation Next, but now, I am the future. Look into the crystal ball and see myself as the future.

Aries says he doesn’t see the Pretty Boy Pitbull, I see someone who is full of pits and nothing but bull. Aries challenges King to a match right now. King says Aries doesn’t want any of this, not today. King goes to leave, but then attacks Aries from behind. Aries fights back and sends King fleeing. Aries demands a referee and he wants a match right now. A ref comes out and backs King into the ring. Aries nails King off the top with a double sledge and we have an impromptu match!


Austin Aries vs. Kenny King

Aries chokes King with his own shirt and brings him back in the ring. King is busted open as Aries with the 10 punches in the corner. Commentary mentions King was busted open by the steel steps. Aries begins some more right hands in the corner, but King hot-shots him, sending Aries to the outside. Back in, King chokes Aries in the corner. Snapmare, followed by a kick to the back. Right hands from the mount. King taunts the crowd. Flying hip attack by King, taunts the crowd some more. Aries avoids the springboard leg drop. Aries with forearms and overhand chops. King sends Aries sternum-first into the corner. Atomic drop, Aries sent onto the apron. Aries with a shoulder, flips back in. Gutbuster/STO combination, followed by the Power Drive elbow. King blocks the Brainbuster, hits a spinning backfist. Aries with more forearms, but King avoids the discus forearm, spin kick for a close nearfall. King lifts up Aries, but Aries gets himself onto the apron. Aries snaps the back of King’s head across the top rope. Aries heads up top, but King crotches him. King with a kick, then heads up top. Super Head and Arm Suplex by King for a close nearfall. Crowd chants for Aries. Aries avoids Shotgun Knees in the corner, IED dropkick connects.

Brainbuster by Aries for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries by pinfall (Brainbuster)

Aries celebrates his win afterwards.


We see a video package on Lei’D Tapa, who is coming to IMPACT Wrestling.

Backstage, Austin Aries runs into Chris Sabin & Velvet Sky. Sabin says to Aries that he had a good match and its good to see you back in the X-Division, the division I helped build. We both won the World Title, although my title win was more memorable. When I make history by becoming the 1st 7-Time X-Division Champion tonight, I become greater than the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. Hope that there are no hard feelings. Sabin & Velvet walk off as Aries says we will test that theory.

Backstage, Samoa Joe wonders what is going on with Magnus. Magnus talks about what happened at the BFG Series and with EGO. Joe says they will take care of Aces & Eights tonight. Magnus says he will find EGO and take care of it himself. Sting tells Magnus not to let EGO get to you, we almost have the Aces & Eights finished. You are better than that.

Hulk Hogan is heading to the ring as we go to commercial.


The music of Hulk Hogan hits and he makes his way to the ring. Hogan has a mic and says we have a situation in TNA right now that is pretty deep. I have been in TNA for 4 years now and I’ve had my opinion of Dixie Carter. She gave me the job of GM to make sure the TV is smooth. In my 35 years, I’ve seen things blow up, but to air your dirty laundry in public is something that should never happen. How many people want to see AJ Styles stay with TNA? Loud response to that. Hulk asks again and the crowd gives an even louder response. Hogan says that is what he thought. I know AJ is back there and he wants him to hear the love the fans have for him. Hogan says later tonight, he will fix this situation between AJ Styles & Dixie Carter for TNA, for himself and for the fans.

We see video that says at Bound for Glory on October 20th, Kurt Angle returns to TNA and is inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.


We see a graphic that says “ETHAN” is coming.

Backstage, AJ Styles says he heard what Hogan had to say. He has no problem hearing him out. See you out there.

TNA X-Division Title: Chris Sabin w/Velvet Sky vs. Manik (c)

Ref has to hold Manik back before the bell. Manik takes down Sabin, but misses a clothesline. Sabin with a knee to the ribs, but Manik with a springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Sabin tries to get away, but Manik stops him. Sabin with a gut kick, goes up & over, but goes down as it appears his knee buckled. Sabin goes to the outside limping as Velvet is checking on him. Manik goes out after Sabin, but the ref keeps him back. Sabin is trying to walk off, then has Velvet help him to the back. Sabin then throws Velvet at Manik and nails Manik with a running apron kick. Back in, Manik comes back by sending Sabin into the corner. Manik with a spidey move, then locks Sabin in a Sharpshooter variation. Sabin trips up the ref, causing Manik to break the hold. Ref tries to get in-between Sabin and Manik, allowing Sabin to get a cheap shot in. Leg drop for a nearfall. Manik placed up top, Sabin goes up with him. Manik blocks a superplex, gourdbusters Sabin off the ropes. Manik with a missile dropkick while Sabin was doubled over. Manik with a series of strikes, Sabin avoids a kick, but Manik with a standing corkscrew plancha for a nearfall. Manik with a drop toe hold sending Sabin into the ropes. Springboard dropkick, but Sabin with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Manik blocks a powerbomb and catapults Sabin into the corner. Manik goes back to the Sharpshooter variation. Sabin grabs Velvet’s hand and pulls her into the ring. Sabin hides behind Velvet and tries to roll up Manik.

However, Manik reverses it and gets the win.

Winner and STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Manik by pinfall (Roll-Up)

Afterward, Sabin attacks Manik from behind. Sabin stomps away and chokes Manik. All of a sudden, Austin Aries runs out for the save and Sabin uses Velvet again as a shield to get away from Aries. Sabin walks off as Velvet is left confused.

Backstage, Wes Brisco is complaining about is going on with Aces & Eights. Garett Bischoff says that we will win tonight. Knux says we cannot afford to lose another member. Bischoff says we can’t afford to lose another brother.


Backstage, EGO is complaining about Kurt Angle being inducted in the TNA Hall of Fame. Bobby Roode says that they deserve to be in there more than Angle. Christopher Daniels complains about the Main Event Mafia. Kazarian says Magnus is a good loser and what happens if he loses again? It might damage his……EGO! Daniels & Kazarian laugh Dr. Evil style, but Roode walks off.

Main Event in a 6-Man Tag: Aces & Eights (Knux, Garett Bischoff & Wes Brisco) vs. The Main Event Mafia (Sting, Samoa Joe & Magnus)

Magnus & Knux start. Magnus with right hands and gut shots. Uppercut, Magnus stomps away at Knux in the corner. Brisco in, Magnus with a clothesline. Magnus misses a clothesline, but hits a slam. Bischoff in, he eats a clothesline. Magnus runs into a boot, but catches Bischoff off the ropes and hits a spinebuster. Aces & Eights break up the pinfall. Mafia comes in and the fight is on. Sting & Joe send Knux & Brisco off the announce table. EGO then comes out and puts the boots to Magnus. Sting & Joe chase EGO to the back. Joe checks on Magnus, who appears to have hurt his knee after being thrown off the top. Knux grabs Sting and Aces & Eights begin to triple-team Sting. Bischoff stomps away as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Brisco with shoulders to Sting in the corner. Bischoff in, hits a slam. Knux in, Sting fights back. Knux with a right hand and chokes Sting. Knux gains a nearfall. Brisco in, gut shot. Running clothesline for a nearfall. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Sting. Sting fights out, but Brisco with a knee to the ribs. Brisco chokes Sting in the ropes. Brisco gains a nearfall. Gut shots, but Sting avoids a dropkick and hits a clothesline. We see that Magnus was helped to the back after the attack by EGO to his knee.

Joe in, clotheslines to Brisco & Bischoff. Knux knocked off the apron. Inverted atomic drop, running boot, back senton by Joe for a nearfall. Brisco fights back, but Joe with the snap slam, Bischoff breaks it up. Sting comes in, Stinger Splashes to Bischoff & Knux.

Kokina Clutch by Joe to Brisco and Brisco has no choice but to tap.

Winners: The Main Event Mafia by submission (Kokina Clutch)

The Mafia celebrate their win afterwards. Brisco is still down as Bully Ray & Brooke Tessmacher make their way to the ring. Bully has a mic and asks Brisco what did he tell him? I told you if anyone of you lost, it would be lights out. You lost, you tapped out, Wes. You’re a disgrace to your colors. Hand over your cut right now. Knux & Bischoff get back in as Brisco refuses to hand over his cut. Bully again demands Brisco hand over his cut. Brisco again refuses. “NO” chants by the crowd. Bully says that after all I have done for you, you’re gonna tell me no? Fine, Knux, Bischoff, take the cut off of his back. I don’t pay you two to think, take the cut off his back right now. Knux & Bischoff refuse, so Bully clotheslines Brisco. Bully asks Knux what happened to him, where is his balls? Bully grabs Brisco and piledrives him. Bully again demands that Knux & Bischoff take Brisco’s cut and hand it to him or he will piledrive him again. Knux removes his cut and Bischoff goes to hand it over, but Bully wants Knux to hand the cut to him. What are you gonna do? You gonna let these people get into your head? You are gonna listen to? Them or me? Knux hands Bully the cut of Brisco.

Hulk Hogan & AJ Styles are heading to the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Hulk Hogan is in the ring and says its time to take care of business. Hogan calls out AJ Styles to the ring.

Styles’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Hogan is holding a clipboard and says he was out here eariler and this place was so electric. You won the BFG Series, you will be our TNA Champion and here is a new contract for you to sign that I have already signed. Styles looks the contract over. Hogan says we are all betting on you to bring the title home. We all love you. Styles signs the contract and says that he’s theirs.

All of a sudden, TNA President Dixie Carter comes out to the ring. Dixie says that she has been clear about why she brought Hulk to TNA, to open up doors. Hulk has done that and I appreciate that. You have taught me so much about this business, but guess what? You are just a employee. But, you are capable of so much more. I’m here to make you the best that you can be. Dixie then mocks what AJ said about her last week. Darling, you wish. While Hogan may see some value in the “Phenomenally Marginal One”, I do not. Dixie rips up Styles’ contract. Styles begins to talk, but Dixie cuts him off and demands that Styles gets out of her ring. Styles leaves as Hogan asks Dixie if she knows what is going on. Dixie says I know you and the fans are not happy with me. 99 percent of the people haven’t been in my world. All the decisions that I’ve had to make. All the 99 percent of you that have criticized me over the last few months, you need me. Its the 1 percent that create all of your worlds that you get to live in. I have to suffer that burden. Its not a popularity contest, I’ve had to deal with that for 11 years earlier. Dixie tells Hogan that what he did earlier was a lapse of judgement and a life lesson. Dixie says she & Hulk know the hard decisions that have to be made. Hogan has to make a decision, too. Are you gonna be on Team Dixie or are you gonna be like AJ and sit on the sidelines? Dixie says she will give Hogan a week to think about it and darling, I know you will do the right thing.

Dixie leaves the ring as Hogan is left in a state of shock as we go to credits.