Previously planned TNA Impact Wrestling TV tapings on 12/5 in Chattanooga and 12/19 in Arlington have both been dropped from the advertised schedule by TNA. Remaining TV tapings being advertised for the rest of 2013 includes 10/24 in Salt Lake City, 11/7 in Cincinnati, 11/21 in Baltimore and 12/27 in Philadelphia.

The ticket advance for the 11/21 taping in Baltimore was described as having a “terrible advance” and it appears that the company is preventing the sale of any tickets at this time. People who have contacted the Baltimore Arena box office were told that tickets will be made available once again next week despite the current issue.

A report claims meetings will be taking place about TV tapings going forward for the rest of 2013 and what they plan to do in 2014 following the UK tour.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online,