Jeremy Samples sent this report in.

The first match was taped for Xplosion. The new Xplosion commentary team is Jeremy Borash & Gilbert Corsey.

Jesse Godderz w/ Robbie E def. Shark Boy.

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for November 14, 2013:

The Aces & 8’s come out. They cut a generic promo about how Bully is in control. Mr. Anderson interrupts. They promote a No Disqualification match for 11/21 between Bully and Anderson.

Mr. Anderson def. Knux.

EC3 def. Dewey Barnes & Norv Fernum.

Christopher Daniels def. Joseph Park

Gail Kim says that her challenge of an outsider to wrestle against has been answered.

Gail Kim def. Hannah Blossom.

Dixie Carter cuts a typical promo about AJ leaving and wrestling elsewhere. She then invites Bobby Roode, James Storm, Samoa Joe, and Magnus to the ring. She says that the ‘Wheel of Dixie’ has been spun, and the final matches in the quarterfinal round of the tournament are Bobby Roode and James Storm in a Bullrope Match, and Samoa Joe v. Magnus in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Samoa Joe says that he knows this tournament is just Dixie’s way of making up for AJ leaving, and says that if he wins the tournament, that he will give the first shot to AJ. Dixie tells Joe to watch it. She says that the person who wins this tournament will be her champion.

Joseph Park talks about wanting to find Abyss, but being accepted by the crowd. He says he knows it’s not a smart move, but he wants to wrestle Abyss at the 11/21 Impact.

Kurt Angle def. Austin Aries in a Submission Match by using Bobby Roode’s submission after he had came down to watch the match.

Not sure what this was filmed for, or if it was just like a dark segment kind of thing, but after the Angle match, Mr. Anderson comes out and yells at the crowd for being tired. He then said that he would piledrive Garrett Bischoff on the entrance ramp. He brings Garrett out and piledrives him.

Xplosion Match: Magnus def. Robbie E.

They tape some overlays for Xplosion, and tell everyone Goodnight.