Jeremy Samples passed along the following report.

Impact Wrestling Tapings: 12/4/13

Xplosion Tapings:

Zema Ion defeated The Ultimate Tiger (not sure who was under the mask).

New commentary team of Jeremy Borash and Pat Kenney: Samoa Joe defeated Kazarian.

Impact Wrestling Tapings for December 26, 2013:

Show begins with Rockstar Spud marching happily to the ring. He talks about what a great night it was last week when Magnus became Dixie’s champion. He then introduces Dixie to the ring. Dixie talks about being glad that Magnus is champion, and that Jeff Hardy didn’t win. She also has a huge announcement to make. Jeff Hardy interrupts and comes to the ring. Jeff mentions that he was disappointed that he didn’t win, but glad that he was not under Dixie’s control. EC3 then interrupts and comes to the ring to attack Hardy. EC3 is backing up Dixie, and clears the way for Dixie to make her announcement. However, Sting interrupts and comes to the ring. Sting mentions that he is tired of all of this. He says for Dixie to give the fans what they want in AJ Styles, but he also wants to get a match with EC3. Sting says that he wants a tag match. Jeff Hardy & Sting v. Rockstar Spud & EC3. Dixie says that it is her company, and Sting does not have control. She said that these people are her people, and she knows what they want. Dixie says she has an idea of a match. A tag match with Jeff Hardy & Sting facing Rockstar Spud & EC3. Sting leaves and Dixie starts to make her announcement again. However, Gunner interrupts and says that since he has a World Title shot from his Feast or Fired Case, that he wants to claim it against Magnus.

*I assume that the Feast or Fired cases are being revealed in a taped segment before this show. Gunner has the World Title shot. The other cases are with EC3, Chavo, and Zema Ion. EC3 and Zema Ion have been shown on TV after the case revealing, so I would assume Chavo received the firing. However, no indication has been made between EC3 and Zema Ion having the X or Tag Title shots.*

James Storm interrupts and him and Gunner get in an argument based on past occurences. Gunner asks James if he really wanted to get slammed on the barbed wire. Dixie is still standing watching the time, trying to make her announcement. James Storm says that he wants a match with Gunner tonight. Dixie says that they’ll get their match, and that she’ll make her announcement later in the night.

James Storm v. Gunner: Match goes to the outside and results in a double countout brawl.

Jeff Hardy & Sting v. EC3 & Rockstar Spud: Before the match, Dixie comes on video and says that while she said Sting could have the match tonight. She forgot to mention that it was a Handicap match. The Bromans, Robbie E and Jesse Godderz, are added to EC3 & Rockstar Spud’s team. Dixie also makes her announcement of there being a coronation for her new champion Magnus next week.

EC3, Rockstar Spud, & The Bromans defeat Jeff Hardy and Sting with Jeff Hardy taking the pinfall.

After the match, Jeff Hardy gets on the mic and says how sorry he is for his actions as of late. Dixie has gotten in his head, and driven him to not live up to his potential. He says that he cannot take it any longer. He apologizes to Sting, and says that he is leaving TNA Wrestling. Jeff says that he will never again take one step into a TNA building.

Impact Wrestling Tapings for January 2, 2014:

Gail Kim and Lai’D Tapa come to the ring. Gail says that with the new year, it brings a new opponent in the Gail Kim Open Challenge. She says that there is no one worthy, but Madison Rayne comes out.

Madison Rayne defeated Gail Kim and celebates waving as she goes up the ramp.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring and talks about how 2013 just was not his year. He says that not only did he not live up to his potential in the ring, but he also had personal problems. However, he is going to lay out how he is going to fix this. Bobby Roode interrupts and asks Kurt if he is going to quit just like Jeff Hardy. Kurt says that is the last thing he is going to do. Kurt says he wants One More Match with Bobby Roode. Bobby says that it is not going to happen, and goes to leave. He stops, though, and says that Kurt can have the match if he puts his career on the line. Kurt agrees and the match is made for Genesis on January 16, 2014. They then begin to brawl, but security stops them. Rockstar Spud comes out and says, as Chief of Staff, he is going to protect Dixie’s night. He tells them that they will have a tag match later on in the show.

Samuel Shaw comes to the ring dressed in nice street clothes for a match with Norv Fernum. He motions for Christy to leave the ring, and holds the ropes for her. Samuel defeats Norv, and after the match he talks with Christy, while she makes a thoughtful face. However, she also seems disturbed.

A video is shown of Kurt trying to find a partner in Gunner. While he is speaking to Gunner, James Storm comes in and asks what is going on. Gunner says that he is going to team with Kurt tonight, and Storm says fine. He’ll show them.

Kurt comes to the ring, and is followed by Gunner. Gunner is interviewed on the ramp by Jeremy Borash, and says that if James Storm does not watch out, he will get hurt.

James Storm & Bobby Roode defeat Kurt Angle & Gunner. Kurt and Bobby get into a brawl after the match, however, Bobby backs away.

The coronation for Magnus is Dixie’s main event of the evening. Rockstar Spud, as Chief of Staff, begins the coronation. There are potted plans, a flower wreath, potted plants, and a throne in the ring. Spud introduces Dixie’s nephew EC3 who talks about how great it is to have a champ like Magnus. He then introduces Dixie Carter. Dixie comes to the ring and talks about how thrilled she is to have Magnus as her champ. Crowd is very loud booing, chanting USA, and We Want AJ. She knows that he will never leave her. Magnus is then introduced and comes to the ring. Magnus sits in the throne, and begins to talk by saying ‘Your Champion is Speaking’. He talks about defeating Jeff Hardy, and being Dixie’s champion while Gunner interrupts. Gunner says that he wants his World Title shot right now. Dixie says that it is not going to happen tonight. Gunner leaves, and then AJ Styles enters through the crowd. The Impact Zone is erupting with AJ’s return. AJ still has his title belt, and says how he wants a Unification Match with Magnus at Genesis on January 16. Dixie says that it is not going to happen, however, Magnus says that it better or he will leave. Magnus says that he knows he can beat AJ, and wants Dixie to give him a one-night contract for the match. However, if AJ loses, he will be gone. Dixie asks, ‘But what if you lose?’. Magnus makes Dixie book the match, and she agrees. Magnus and AJ both pose with their belts in the ring, and then Magnus leaves up the ramp with Dixie. AJ ends the show by posing with his title belt.