The following was taped on Thursday from Orlando. 

December 5, 2013 TNA Impact Wrestling tapings:

* Chris Sabin def. TNA X Champion Austin Aries to win the title after he ordered Velvet Sky to distract the ref and she did reluctantly.

* In-ring segment where Ethan Carter III challenged Jeff Hardy. Sting came out and challenged Carter to match at the 1/16 “Genesis” special event.

* Joesph Park def. Bully Ray by DQ. Ray went to a light a table on fire, but Mr. Anderson made the save. Ray went to light another table on fire, but officials stopped him. 

* In-ring segment where TNA President Dixie Carter has AJ Styles sign a one-night contract to face Magnus to unify the TNA World Titles in a No DQ match at the 1/16 “Genesis” special event. Styles, Carter and Magnus go back and forth on the mic. 

* TNA Tag Team Champions The Bromans def. Joseph Park & Eric Young. Young left Park at one point to leave to the back to help out his wife, ODB, who was shown attacked by Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa.

* In-ring segment with James Storm & Gunner where Storm challenged Gunner to a ladder match for Gunner’s Feast or Fired TNA World Title shot.

* Ethan Carter III def. Samoa Joe. Carter laid out Joe afterwards. 

* Kurt Angle def. Bad Influence in a Handicap Steel Cage Match. 

* Backstage segment where Dixie Carter makes Bobby Roode vs. Sting in a Steel Cage Match.

* Bobby Roode def. Sting in a Steel Cage Match after Ethan Carter III threw in a nightstick for Roode to lay out Sting with.

* Magnus def. AJ Styles in a No DQ Match to unify the TNA World Titles. During the match, there was interference by Sting, Ethan Carter III, Bad Influence and more. Referee Earl Hebner walked out on the match at one point because he didn’t want to screw over AJ. Brian Hebner ran in to ref, but was laid out. Styles had Magnus beat and Earl came back out, but Bad Influence pulled him out of the ring. Bobby Roode then came out and laid out Styles. Dixie Carter brought out a new ref and a bunch of heels prevented Sting from making the save before the ref counted 3. 

* Afterwards, AJ Styles got on the mic and thanked the fans, saying TNA was his home. The fans are a part of him and he killed himself for TNA and the fans. Storyline or not, Dixie Carter can forget about him, but he won’t forget about the fans. Styles thanked everyone for giving him the blessing of being able to wrestle and left, appearing like this was Styles’ farewell with TNA.