Report: AJ Styles to leave TNA due to contract expiring

Mike Johnson is reporting that TNA Champion AJ Styles’ contract extension he signed months ago will be expiring on 12/16 and unless something changes, Styles will be leaving TNA. It is said that since attempting to negotiate a long-term deal a few months back, Styles and TNA have been “far apart” on money and it is what led to Styles’s contract expiring, as TNA is said to be not able to offer Styles what he had been earning previously and Styles is not willing to agree to take a lesser deal.

Styles finished up with TNA at their last set of TV Tapings this past week in Orlando, Florida for episodes that will air in January 2014. Styles has begun accepting independent bookings through long-time agent Bill Beherens and has other outside projects in the works, including an auto-biography set to release in early 2014. 


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