AJ Styles and TNA are back in negotiations regarding a new deal after his most recent extension expired this week according to a report by Bryan Alvarez. Styles has a series of independent bookings already lined up through March.

The updated dates Styles is now being advertised for includes:

* 12/18 in Cornella, Georgia for Anarchy Wrestling
* 1/19 in Winston Salem, North Carolina for Premiere Wrestling Xperience
* 1/26 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for Smash Wrestling
* 2/1 in Chicago, Illinois for Dreamwave Wrestling
* 2/7 in Blue Ridge, Georgia for Deep Southern Championship Wrestling
* 2/15 in Ridgewood, New York for House of Glory Wrestling
* 3/1 in the UK for PCW
* 3/14 in Binghamton, New York for 2CW
* 3/15 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for UWE

Sources: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, PWInsider.com