Mark Holdsworth sent this in:

TNA’s Current Champions

TNA’s current group of champions, represents it’s youngest collection of champions in recent history. They also feature all “true” TNA originals, no WWE rejects. Not to mention a lot of fresh faces make up this list. This is AJ Styles first run with the World Title since 2005, like wise this Amazing Red’s first X-Title since way back in 2003, while this is the British Invasions first ever TNA tag title reign. Eric Young was never officially recognized as an X-division champion, so this technically his first singles run as a champ, and lastly the women’s division features talent which first reached stardom in TNA as well.

With this in mind, TNA truly appears to be putting focus and new direction on it’s young, home grown stars. Plus current pushes with Morgan, Hernandez, Homicide, World Elite etc, and the apparent departure of Booker T and possibly Steiner and a reduced roll of Sting all seem to point in a new fresh direction for TNA.

Also as of right now, there are no TNA title holders whom have held the titles for longer then a month. The oldest reign is from September 20th.

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