Dave Walsh of The Herald Dispatch is featuring an interview with TNA Champion Magnus where he talks about becoming TNA Champion and the start of a new era in TNA.

On become the TNA Champion by defeating Jeff Hardy:

“When you get a chance to prove yourself, you have to capitalize. I’ve been holding up my end. I got a lot of coverage. To go to the House of Parliament was special. I never thought that would happen to a wrestler.”

On a new era beginning with talent in TNA in 2014:

“We’ve moved to a new era. We looked to others to run things before. They wouldn’t pull the trigger on the young talent. You put yourself into a spot. If you don’t do it fast enough, people won’t buy into it. In transition, you have to make it real. There’s only one left. It’s a definitive moment.”

To check out the full interview with Magnus, click here.

Source: The Herald Dispatch