3/1 TNA Results: Johnson City, Tennessee

Al Hirt sent this recap in.

A report after going to the TNA live event (on Saturday).

The event starts off with a very good match between Kenny King/Manik vs. Zema Ion/Chris Sabin. Lots of quick paced wrestling action to this match. King/Manik win.

Then we get the 15-20 minute tease of whether or not you would get to go backstage. EC3 comes out to face Dewey and Norv (two house show jobbers). EC3 wins though the match wasn’t very impressive.

The backstage thing continues with Rockstar Spud challenging ODB to a fight, which ODB would win, in another time waster…Dewey and Norv were selling neck injuries for about 15 minutes during this match.

Then we get Samuel Shaw vs. a local wrestler Chase …something rather. Match was OK (well not really), but they should have made the local wrestler look a little better considering he was from Bristol, TN. Crowd was pissed. Funny side note was that Chris Sabin was sitting about ten 10 rows back near the curtains drinking water during most of this match, maybe watching the local guy? Who knows.

Then Gunner comes out and asks everyone to join him in the pledge of allegiance, very impressive as most people did stand up. His opponent, James Storm came out to more boos than cheers after his recent heel turn. The match was probably the second match that was very good on the card. Ends with Gunner winning with his diving headbutt move.

Not much to say about the steel cage match as I’m not a big fan of Bully Ray, but I figured the cage match would be the featured bout since Lockdown is so close. Anderson wins and apparently signs autographs afterwards, but I was out of the building before then.

Wasn’t too impressed by this house show. 2 above average matches, 1 good, 3 horrible. I expected this, however, since a lot of their bigger stars are in Japan right now.