Alex Marvez has an interview up with TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles. Here are some highlights.

On the first time he met Sting during his brief stay in WCW:
“I thought, ‘Oh my God, that’s Sting!’ Now, I’m wrestling against him in (TNA Wrestling’s) biggest pay-per-view of the year. It’s unexplainable how big that is.”

On changing his style in the ring since starting with TNA:
“My style has slowed down a little bit, but not in a bad way. I think I get more out of the little things through psychology rather than just doing spot after spot. There’s a lot more that goes into a good match than crazy moves.”

If he has changed since becoming world champion:
“Personally, I don’t think much has changed. I still think I’m as humble as ever, and I’m glad to be in the spot I’m in. The biggest difference is my family has grown. When I started in TNA, I didn’t have any kids. Now I have three. That’s a good thing. I love being a dad.”

To check out the full interview, click here.

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