Brian Fritz of Betweent the Ropes and The Orlando Sentinel passed along an interview he recently conducted with MVP promoting the Lockdown PPV this Sunday in Miami and his decision to go with TNA after spending time in Japan.

“Before I agreed to come on board, we had some pretty intense talks about what the vision was, what they were trying to accomplish. I’ll be the first to tell you as someone who works for TNA – proudly I may add – in the past, there were certainly questionable decisions that had been made and a lot of that criticism I would say was just. However, it seems now that there’s sort of a reset button being pushed. And there’s a drive to add new, fresh faces, new talent and going in a slightly new direction. When that was explained to me and the goal they were trying to accomplish, I said that sounds good to me.”

To check out the full interview with MVP, click here.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel