During a recent interview on the “Chinlock Radio” podcast, former TNA wrestler Jessy Sorensen talked about meeting with lawyers about filing a lawsuit against TNA regarding covering medical costs over his injury. Sorensen suffered a serious neck injury at TNA’s Against All Odds PPV back in February of 2012 during a match with Zema Ion. He reportedly brought up filing a lawsuit during a conversation with then TNA employee Bruce Prichard. Three days later, he revealed he was on a phone call with Prichard, TNA President Dixie Carter and TNA CFO Dean Broadbend. Sorensen was offered a production job and ended up not filing the lawsuit. He said in hindsight he should have filed the lawsuit. Sorensen noted that friends in WWE told him that TNA not paying his medical bills was “bullsh*t.”

AUDIO: Chinlock Radio ep 14: Jessy Sorensen

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter