The following was taped on Wedensday from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for May 22, 2014:

* Segment where the Wolves and MVP, Bobby Lashley & Kenny King get into a brawl. Lashley spears Davey Richards off the stage through a table. Eric Young runs out, but they beat him down also. Austin Aries makes the save, challenges MVP to a match, MVP accepts. 

* Angelina Love issues an open challenge to her Knockouts Title, Brittany accepts.

* TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love def. Brittany to retain the title.

* Beautiful People paper bag Brittany afterwards, Gail Kim makes the save.

* Austin Aries def. MVP by DQ when Lashley & King interfered. Eric Young runs out, but is beaten down also. Lashley vs. Young made for later on.

* Dixie Carter & EC3 come out. Dixie says she can help MVP. Bully Ray chases them from the ring. Bully goes after MVP, but MVP, Lashley & King beat him down. Dixie has EC3 put Bully through a table. 

* Willow def. Magnus in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. 

* Eddie Edwards calls out MVP. Kenny King comes out and they brawl, ends with King suplexing Edwards on the rampway. 

* Bobby Lashley def. TNA Champion Eric Young when MVP & Kenny King interfered. Ref was gonna DQ Lashley, but MVP forced him not to. Austin Aries ran out to make the save afterwards, but was beaten down also. MVP, King & Lashley stand tall.

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for May 29, 2014 (partial):

* Gunner & Mr. Anderson def. The Bro-Mans

* Menagerie beat down Zema Ion afterwards. 

* Bram def. Tigre Uno

* Bully Ray promo. Promises to put Dixie, EC3, Spud, MVP, King & Lashley all through tables. MVP, King & Lashley come out, but EC3 & Rockstar Spud attack Bully from behind. The Wolves, Austin Aries & Eric Young make the save. Big brawl ends with Spud getting put through a table. 

* MVP, Kenny King & Bobby Lashley def. TNA Tag Team Champions The Wolves & Austin Aries.