Russo on problems in TNA, reader email on TNA Hall of Fame

Vince Russo looks at the problems facing TNA in 2014

Vince Russo has a new article up on his website looking at the problems facing TNA right now in 2014.

“But, aside from the lackluster, vacationing crowds, I think there is a much bigger problem that TNA is faced to deal with every week. And, this is the problem that very few fans watching from home either realize, or understand. THE SCHEDULING. Again, due to the FACTS – the FINANCIALS – TNA  works under a rigorous schedule that not many fans are aware of. In order to work within their current budget, TNA is forced to shoot MULTIPLE shows, or parts of shows, per night. Unlike the WWE, who has the luxury to just shoot one show – be it three hours – in one night, TNA is usually filming at least a show AND A HALF during that same time. Again, having been a part of it, this leads to numerous problems that have a diverse effect on the end product.” REAL CHALLENGE PLAGUING TNA

TNA not listing a Hall of Fame ceremony for Slammiversary

Mark Holdsworth passed this along.

Over the last 2 years TNA has hyped in advance the announcement of a new TNA Hall of Fame member at each year’s Slammiversary PPV, but as of this writing nothing has been mentioned. So either TNA is scrapping it after only 2 years or holding off on the announcement or possibly they wanted to induct a TNA original but due to recent departures most are no longer under contract and as such may not want to accept (ie: AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett etc).