Chuck Carroll sent this in.

Just wanted to pass along an interview I did with Mr. Anderson at an Impact Wrestling event for 106.7 The Fan and

We talked about the stigma surrounding pro wrestling and why so many people are afraid to admit they watch it. He also shared a couple of funny stories from his travels, including an interesting encounter with some overzealous WWE fans in Italy.

“It’s interesting when people say that it’s fake, yet they’ll go to the movies and watch the X-Men and watch people fly through the air,” Anderson said. “People get shot with bullets and the bullets bounce off of them. People turn into liquid metal and stuff like that. And they look at that stuff and say that’s cool and that’s entertaining. But when they watch what we do — we’re not trying to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes.”

He told a funny story about how a conservatively dressed doctor and his family admitted being a fan when he was randomly walking around in New York City one day.

And then there’s the story about the rabid fans in Italy who almost tipped over a bus carrying wrestlers to the arena.

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