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Monsters Inc: Willow and Abyss To Face Bram and Magnus in a Monsters Ball Match

The violence and pure chaos continue to escalate week after week since Bram arrived on the seen in TNA. There have been savage attacks against Willow and even the addition of Abyss didn’t seem to faze the crazed Brits at Slammiversary.

This week on IMPACT, Willow and Abyss look to finally get their revenge and Abyss has revealed that his signature match, the Monsters Ball match, will reappear this week! Knowing Abyss’ history of violence, Bram and Magnus certainly can’t be taking this challenge lightly.

However, the fact remains that no one has been able to outlast Bram and Magnus over the past several weeks. Who are the real monsters of TNA? Find out this Thursday on IMPACT at 9/8c on Spike TV.