David Youell sent this in:

With regards to this, I think it’s only a half hour slot, so it might just be a ?best of? to promote TNA, although Virgin 1 and Bravo are part of the same network, so it’s possible.

For TNA, it would be a much better deal for them to be on Virgin 1 as that’s part of freeview, where for Bravo you need to pay an additional subscription. Although freeview isn?t mandatory for everyone right now, it will be very soon with the digital switch over which is currently happening. So long term, IF it were to get on Virgin long term you can pretty much guarantee that TNA would be winning in the UK ratings war.

There’s been rumours for a while that Sky want to buy the Virgin TV channels, if that were to happen I can see TNA going up for grabs for other channels, as Sky Sports holds WWE and I can?t imagine WWE allowing TNA to be on the same network.

Love the site guys, keep up the good work.

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