Former TNA star Hernandez made an appearance on the v2 Wrestling podcast confirming that he has signed a deal with Lucha Underground. Hernandez talked about his departure from TNA, his main issue with the company and why he would never return.

On finding out about his release from TNA:

“The only way I know that I’m not on the show no more is I don’t get a check no more. The last time I got a call from TNA was the end of November 2013; my contract ended May 12th (2014), which is awkward because I thought it was the 14th of May. I wake up on the 12th, and it was all over social media, Impact Wrestling unfollowed me on Twitter… I text Mrs. Carter the day after my contract expired saying “thanks for the eight years”; I’m still waiting for a response. It is the most bush league thing I’ve ever heard of.”

On the biggest issues with TNA during his time with the company:

“As long as the Carter’s have billions of dollars, that company will never go away. I just think the infrastructure just needs, you know, how you snake a toilet? They have Jeff Hardy, you had Sting, Kurt Angle, the best up and coming talent (like) Austin Aries, Roode, Styles, all these guys that could do anything, and you let every former WWE employee that served coffee to Vince McMahon try to be the boss time after time after time.”

If he would ever be interested in making a return to TNA:

“Of course not. You wrestle somewhere eight years, you do every stupid semi-racist vignette. I know how a Mexican looks, acts and talks. I don’t need a fifty year old white man telling me I’m not being Mexican enough. At the beginning of Mexican America I was doing all the talking, but because I wasn’t saying essa and orale I magically became the non-speaker. I told them I wouldn’t talk like that because I live in Houston and I’m not gonna get my ass kicked because I’m making fun of my own people.”