Update on TNA TV deal, Spike TV wants out of wrestling

TNA’s new television deal for Impact Wrestling could be announced as early as this week according to new reports. The company has had a hold on the Manhattan Center in New York City for dates in early January on 1/6, 1/7 and 1/8.

At this point it doesn’t appear a renewal with Spike TV will be happening despite some recent reports. Jeremy Botter of The Bleacher Report sent out a tweet on Saturday night during Bellator 131 noting that Spike TV wants to get out of the wrestling business and will be instead focusing on MMA going forward with Bellator.

It should also be noted that this Wednesday’s episode of Impact Wrestling (11/19) could end up being the final episode on Spike TV. Originally planned “best of” shows in December don’t appear to be taking place. All programming taped was scheduled to run up as of this Wednesday and Spike had decided to not put Impact Wrestling on the schedule the week of Thanksgiving. The belief is that TNA could also be waiting until this episode to make an official announcement about a new television deal with another network.

Source: PWInsider.com, Twitter

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