Jay sent this follow up email in:

As a follow up to my email last week regarding the unprofessional attitude of ShopTNA, I would like to update the situation.

I ordered $80 worth of merchandise on 2/22, and I was charged a few days later. I received an email on 3/2 stating my order was being packed. I later filed a chargeback claim with my Visa card. After finally being able to reach ShopTNA, the Visa representative told me that TNA said that one of the items was on backorder. The Visa rep. also said that TNA told them they had sent me an email which they didn’t.

All I received was a generic “being packed” email which everyone seems to have. “Being packed” doesn’t mean backorder, and you would think that TNA would have the courtesy to let customers know that an item is on backorder before you put it in your shopping cart. Also, TNA needs to tell their customers personally what is going on with an order rather than finding out after filing a Visa claim. So, after all this travel, it is 18 days later, my order STILL has not shipped, and the items (which I was going to give as gifts on March 5th) are useless at this point. I hope anyone considers this hassle before they order anything from ShopTNA in the future. On a side note, the first commercial aired on the March 8th edition of Impact was for ShopTNA right after the opening segment ended. That is a cruel irony in my eyes.