When TNA Impact Wrestling debuts on Destination America in January 2015, former WWE commentator Josh Mathews is expected to replace long-time TNA commentator Mike Tenay as the play-by-play man according to a report by Mike Johnson.

This changed was reportedly expected as Tenay currently resides in Las Vegas, while Matthews now resides in Nashville where TNA headquarters is located. Matthews is currently working in Nashville after quietly being signed by the company a couple months ago once his non-compete clause with WWE expired.

Due to TNA garnering less money in their new television deal with Destination America, this was seen as a cost-cutting measure with Tenay previously being flown in from Las Vegas to fulfill his commentating duties with Taz. Taz will remain as color commentator on Impact Wrestling with Matthews and Tenay will also remain with TNA in a different role. 

Source: PWInsider.com