TNA President Dixie Carter was recently interviewed by the Independent about a number of topics concerning TNA. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On the possibility of working again with Vince Russo: 

“I’m a big Vince Russo fan, I think he’s very talented, I think he gets a bad rap, but I feel like the way everything played itself out, when I’m negotiating a business deal and it’s private, you have to keep certain things confidential whether it’s a new signing, or how your creative is going. All things are critical to the right element, and things were getting out concerning his involvement, and it was becoming a distraction. “I think he’s incredibly talented, I really do, but it’s like when you have a football player on your team, and that player is getting a certain amount of attention and distraction, he may be a very good player but you’ve got to ask yourself if it’s the right thing for where you’re at right now, and if you’re trying to create a certain kind of locker room of peace, we were right in the middle of very important stuff, and we didn’t need that. I’m a fan but it wasn’t the time to take it to another level. Vince has worked with us three different times, and the one thing I’ve learnt in wrestling is that you never say never and I’ll never say never on Vince.”

On if TNA will pursue CM Punk in the future: 

“CM Punk’s in a place right now where he’s happy and I wouldn’t attempt to try to get him to come wrestle for us until he’s in a place where he wants to wrestle. I respect what he’s done so much, he was in my opinion at the top of his game, and it’s hard walking away from a big paycheck, but he did it. You wouldn’t want to ask him to walk to a new paycheck until his head is in the right place.”

The Independent: Dixie Carter interview: TNA President talks British Bootcamp, CM Punk and Vince Russo