Dixie Carter on TNA in 2015 and Alberto Del Rio rumors

Darragh O’Connor of The Sun in the UK and host of the Wrestleview International Desk podcast recently spoke with TNA President Dixie Carter about the changes for the company going forward in 2015 and rumors about former WWE star Alberto Del Rio.

On the new Destination America TV deal and changes in 2015:

“There’s going to be a lot of exciting changes coming to TNA in 2015. It’s a fresh start for us and another opportunity to break the mould. We’ve been talking about this for six to nine months, if not years. We wanted to make changes but we wanted to wait until we moved network. This is a perfect time to launch a new look and feel, I don’t just mean graphics and things like that. I feel that in the United States we’ve found a TV partner that is really going to be behind us and supportive of us. I really think people will like this more.”

On rumors that former WWE star Alberto Del Rio will sign with TNA:

“You know, I’ve been reading all that as well. I think he’s a great talent but there’s nothing. There’s no deal that’s been done. I’m a big fan and he’s a great guy to have on the roster but right now that’s all I can say.”

The full audio interview with Dixie Carter can be heard at the link below.

Wrestleview International Desk: Podcast #211 (TNA President Dixie Carter)