Dixie Carter on Friday night time slot for Impact Wrestling

Brian Fritz of Sporting News passed along an interview he conducted with TNA President Dixie Carter talking about the debut of Impact Wrestling on Destination America tonight and how long they expect to remain in the Friday night time slot going forward.

“I think I’ll tell you in a few months if I like being on Friday nights. They presented us with a lot of research and felt very strongly about Friday nights being a potential for them. +3’s is how people look at ratings nowadays, it’s not overnight ratings. With your +3 numbers, you have a much bigger chance for your +3 number over a weekend versus only, like if we were staying on Wednesday, that would be Thursday, Friday and you would have part of Saturday. It’s just an overall strategy. They feel really strongly about it. Wrestling has been successful on Friday nights and is no longer there and so we’ll see how we’ll do.”

You can check out the full interview with Carter at the link below.

Sporting News: TNA Wrestling, Dixie Carter looking for right formula on new home Destination America

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