SPOILERS: 1/30 TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Manchester

The following was taped on Friday in Manchester, England.

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for February 27, 2015:

* Xplosion: Mark Andrews def. Dave Mastiff.

* Matt Hardy & The Wolves def. The Revolution.

* Kurt Angle called out TNA Champion Lashley. They argue and Angle says he won’t bail out Lashley the next time The Beat Down Clan attacks him. Angle leaves and BDC comes out. Samoa Joe says Lashley sold out and MVP reminds Lashley he has no help tonight.

* Mr. Anderson & Rockstar Spud def. Tyrus & EC3.

* TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell called out Awesome Kong. Gail Kim comes out instead and warns Terrell about messing with Kong. Terrell said she was fine with her decision. Kong comes out, attacks Terrell and holds up the title.

* Robbie E & Angelina Love def. Chris Melendez & Brooke Tessmacher.

* Austin Aries def. Samoa Joe. After the match, the BDC put Aries through a table.

* Rampage Brown vs. Noam Dar (British Boot Camp 2 wrestlers) ends in a no contest when Bram walks out and attacks both. Bram calls out Magnus. Grado comes out dancing instead. Bram lays out Grado. Bram again calls out Magnus and he doesn’t come out.

* Lashley def. MVP to retain the TNA Championship. Tons of interference that featured Eric Young attacking Lashley with a steel chair, Bobby Roode ran off Young, Gunner brawled with Samoa Joe to the back, Lashley lays out Kenny King, referee bump, MVP nearly gets the win when a second referee runs down, Drew Galloway attacks MVP to setup the finish.

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for March 6, 2015:

* TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell def. Awesome Kong via DQ. Kong ended up shoving the referee to cause the DQ finish. After the match, Kong tried to take out Terrell on the outside and Gail Kim runs down to make the save. Kong and Kim brawl.

* Bram def. Matt Hardy.

* Bobby Roode comes out and taunts Eric Young saying he is still standing and nothing would stop him from becoming no. 1 contender for the TNA Championship. Kurt Angle interrupts saying he would stop him. Eric Young with a sneak attack on Roode. Roode and Angle fight off Young to end the segment.

* The Wolves def. The Revolution to become the new TNA Tag Team Champions.

* The Beat Down Clan come out talking down Drew Galloway. Drew shows up in the crowd saying he came to TNA to stand up for wrestling and wrestling fans. BDC continues to threaten Galloway. Galloway challenges Kenny King to a match.

* Drew Galloway def. Kenny King. Galloway bailed in the crowd when BDC tried to attack.

* Rockstar Spud and EC3 setup a hair vs. hair match in London.

* Kurt Angle def. Bobby Roode & Eric Young in a triple threat match to become the new No. 1 Contender for the TNA Championship. Lashley has a face-to-face with Angle to close it out.

Source: PWInsider.com