Wrestleview.com’s Darragh O’Connor passed along this live report.

Live Results – TNA Manchester – 01/30/15
Darragh O’Connor

Xplosion Match
Mark Andrews vs. Dave Mastiff – Andrews via pin

Impact Show #1

Matt Hardy & The Wolves vs. The Revolution (Abyss, Tigre Uno and Abyss) – Matt Hardy & The Wolves via pin

Angle, Lashley and Beatdown Crew promo

EC3 & Tyrus vs. Spud & Mr. Anderson – Spud & Mr. Anderson via pin

Taryn Terrell promo – Awesome Kong destroys her

Robbie E & Angelina Love vs. Brooke & Chris Melendez – Robbie E & Angelina Love win via pin

Austin Aries Promo – Sets up match with Joe

Aries vs. Samoa Joe – Aries wins via a 450 into a pin

Xplosion Match #2
Rampage Brown vs. Noam Dar – No Contest – Bram comes out and beats up everyone so he can call out Magnus, Grado answers and gets beaten up

Main Event: TNA World Heavyweight Title
Bobby Lashley vs. MVP – Lahsley retains thanks to Drew Galloway

Impact Show #2

TNA Knockouts Title: Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell – Taryn wins via DQ

Bram vs. Matt Hardy – Bram wins via low blow and pin

Bram/Magnus Promo

Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle Promo

TNA Tag Team Titles: The Wolves vs. The Revolution – The Wolves are your new champions

Beatdown Crew Promo calling out Drew Galloway


Drew Galloway vs. Kenny King – Drew wins via pin

Spud/EC3 promo

Main Event: The Number Contender Three Way Dance
Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young – Angle wins with the pin on Roode

Note: These are just the live results. My thoughts and full recap will be posted soon.