Grahame Herber of is featuring an interview with both TNA stars EC3 and Rockstar Spud hyping last night’s “Hair vs. Hair” match on Impact Wrestling. They also discuss critics of the TNA product in the last few years.

EC3: “I respond to criticism of TNA like I do to criticism of anything. When people have their minds set on an opinion, it’s hard to dissuade. While changes have been made, sometimes changes are necessary because if you are not evolving, changing, trying something new, you are dead in the water. To fans that may have turned a way, I implore you to give TNA another look.”

Rockstar Spud: “I don’t really respond to it. I love the interaction we have with our audiences dont get me wrong. There’s criticism in everything in entertainment from movies to sports teams. Anything can be criticized really but the majority of the criticism are from armchair critics. Wrestling is a very subjective business and people have their opinions about our company and about other companies. I love hearing peoples opinions and thoughts. It doesn’t mean they are right, & it doesn’t mean they are wrong, but what does matter is how they speak and if its constructive. If you are offering no constructive criticism or solution then I personally would be so angry about it and just sit and enjoy whats in front of me.”

You can check out the full interview at the link below.

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