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TNA wrestler Rockstar Spud spoke with Robert Krupar from about various topics.

Robert Krupar: Your heated rivalry with Ethan Carter III became very popular among the fans. Please tell me something about working with Ethan.

Rockstar Spud: Two guys roughly the same age that just wanted an opportunity their entire careers and didnt really ever get it given to them. That gave us the fire. We both arrived on the television show around the same time both in the same story with Dixie Carter who, by association, made us such a hated tandem. We gelled near instantly and it was showing on screen and fans were interested in our characters journeys. What is also the most rewarding about the whole thing is that we elevated each other. It wasn’t a TNA legend or a TNA original or an ex WWE personality, it was two guys who had come into the company at the same time and stood up equally.

Robert Krupar: What are you thoughts on Samoa Joe´s TNA departure?

Rockstar Spud: Disappointing as Joe is a wonderful human being. If you truly knew the man and having spent time with him like I have then you would realise what a loss he will be not only to the company but to the locker room. Wherever Joe goes he will be a success because he is so unique and such a good person.

Robert Krupar: What are you thoughts on TNA moving to Destination America?

Rockstar Spud: Had wonderful experiences with them so far. They really are pushing our product to the forefront of their channel hoping that we will both grow together. It really is exciting times being involved with them.

Robert Krupar: You´ve worked in Ohio Valley Wrestling for some time. What is your best memory from OVW?

Rockstar Spud: Winning the OVW Television Championship on my debut was great. What I enjoyed most though was just the learning and having my brain and eyes opened up to so many things about psychology, in ring movement and when we did tape review. I will remember my experiences with OVW always fondly. An amazing place to learn about the industry and a place all young wrestlers should go.

Spud discussed a lot more topics with Robert. If you would like to know something about his future goals in TNA, or something about his British Bootcamp performances, here is the full link to the interview on Art of Wrestling CZ

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