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TNA Impact Tapings for September 24:

Show opened with the Mafia interview. Kurt Angle claimed he didn’t fairly lose his title as Matt Morgan screwed him out of the title and they announced Angle vs. Morgan for Bound for Glory on 9/18 in Irvine, CA. World Elite came out and said that they are the dominant group in TNA. Eric Young noted that he took out Hernandez and tonight he asked Kurt to return the favor and help him in a tag match against Hernandez & Morgan. Booker doesn’t think that’s a good idea and says World Elite are second rate foreigners. Angle told Booker that he’ll work with Young as a partner.

Suicide b Pope D’Angelo Dinero in a street fight

Rhino NC Devon. Both bled and had a pull-apart brawl. Bubba came out and told the security to leave and then told the two they should be on the same side. Bubba stopped them from fighting and they all posed together, and then Rhino gave Bubba a gore

A.J. Styles did an interview saying it was seven long years and he’s the champion. If you’re thinking he held it before, actually it was called the NWA title and not the TNA title when he was world champion. Styles noted that Sting let him win, but Sting denied it and said Styles earned it. Styles said he appreciates what Sting did and is giving him a shot at the title at Bound for Glory and they shook hands.
Sarita & Taylor Wilde b Tara & ODB to keep the title. Kong and Tara brawled to the back so ODB was pinned. Tara and ODB got mad at each other after.

Samoa Joe over Daniels & Homicide in an X title match by choking Homicide

Matt Morgan & Hernandez b Kurt Angle & Eric Young. Morgan went for the carbon footprint on Angle but he pulld Young in front and he got it. Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi started yelling at Angle, but he laid both out. The British Invasion, Booker and Steiner came out but nothing happened

Bobby Lashley b Jethro Holliday

Scott Steiner & Booker T b Mick Foley & Abyss. Foley turned on Abyss with a double arm DDT so he was pinned. Foley found out Abyss destroyed his favorite picture and noted that he also cost him the Legends title. Foley destroyed Abyss with a barbed wire bat.

Top matches for Bound for Glory are:
* Styles vs. Sting
* Foley vs. Abyss
* Morgan vs. Angle
* Lashley vs. Joe

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