TNA employee confirms reports about issues with late pay

Brian Fritz of the has a new article up today regarding the recent pay issues within TNA over the last month or so. The article notes that the pay issues are not just with the members of the roster, but with the production team as well with numerous excuses being given to him about the late pay by TNA.

The article notes that members of the production team didn’t receive checks from the January UK tour until just recently in early April and that this is the third year in a row that TNA has been late on paying them. A TNA production team member was quoted in the article about the pay issues with the following:

“They are just blatantly lying to us all of the time. They’re probably still on the floor in Dallas at the office of Panda Energy. We are tired of being treated like this. It’s the lack of respect more than anything.” Pay issues within TNA Wrestling include delays in paying production staff