Rampage Jackson says desire for wrestling “killed” by TNA

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who makes his return to the UFC this Saturday at UFC 186 in Montreal, stated at a media day appearance that TNA “killed” his desire to do pro wrestling and thinks they handled him terribly according to Mike Bohn of USA Today and MMA Junkie.

Jackson had spoken negatively before about his time with TNA back in 2013, which saw practicially any build involving him and Tito Ortiz dropped from television after a planned Bellator fight between the two was called off after Ortiz pulled out due to a neck injury.

TNA’s Bob Ryder wrote the following on Twitter in response to the comments.

“Really? First class travel for him & an entourage, & then he was afraid to get touched in the ring. Hope he loses.”

Source: @MikeBohnMMA, @byrdertna