Musician Billy Corgan joins TNA’s creative team has a new article up today about Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan and that he has signed with TNA to be a part of their creative team. Corgan, a long-time wrestling fan dating back to the days of the original ECW, had been the head creative man for the Resistance Pro independent promotion out in Chicago up until 2014.

Corgan said the following to about the signing with TNA:

There is a tremendous opportunity to go into really fresh, new directions. There are ways to explore those themes in ways that are productive, create new stars and show that value-based ‘babyfaces’, no matter what their background, no matter where they come from, can draw new audiences and inspire people in new ways.”

TNA President Dixie Carter on the signing:

“The company needs to have a greater depth to their existing characters. We want the stories to have a depth and a meaning to someone that is relevant today. Billy can really help that.”

TNA has posted a video interview conducted by Josh Mathews with Corgan about the signing that you can view below. Billy Corgan Wants To Flip Professional Wrestling On Its Ear