Micah on tonight’s live Impact and being the son of Haku

Sportin gNews has a new interview up with TNA star Micah (former WWE star Camacho) about tonight’s live Impact Wrestling on Destination America and more.

Asking his father, former WWE & WCW star Haku (Meng), about becoming a wrestler:

“He didn’t like it at all. He worked his butt off to make sure our mom was there to stay home and take care of us, my brothers and my sister and for us to get a good education and experience other things other than wrestling. He was totally against it, he and our mother.”

Becoming a part of TNA after being released by WWE:

“Right now, it’s been fantastic. I know a few of the guys from before I signed with TNA. Some of those guys I actually trained with but I never worked against so I’m looking forward to that opportunity. “Hopefully I can catch the eye of newer fans and they can grow with me as I start something new which is this right now. Hopefully, the newer audience who will catch me on Destination America, they can just see me for who I really am now.”

Thoughts on tonight’s live Impact Wrestling:

“I hope we’re on the show. We have a war on our hands with BDC (Beat Down Clan) and it would be great to do another match of some sort with BDC. I’m pretty sure our audience would like to see some weapons used in one of these matches. I would love for it to be The Rising vs. BDC.”

Sportingnews.com: Mica continuing family line of work in TNA, live edition of Impact Wrestling