The following was taped on Friday night following the live airing of Impact Wrestling.

5/8 Impact Wrestling tapings:

* Robbie E def. Jessie Godderz. After the match, Jessie wanted an immediate rematch and Robbie beat him again. Jessie asked for another and Robbie pinned him a third time. Jessie then attacked Robbie and argued with DJ Z.

* The Wolves def. Bobby Roode & Austin Aries in the first of a best of five series.

* Mr. Anderson def. Tyrus.

* Magnus would not apologize for attacking James Storm with a guitar saying everyone knows what Storm is up to. Abyss comes out and they brawl. Manik and Khoya also run out to attack Magnus using weapons.

* TNA Champion Kurt Angle came out and asked Chris Melendez to be his partner. He talked about Melendez being a true hero for the country and also brought out The Rising. Drew Galloway said a time would come that he would face Angle for the title and Angle agrees. Eric Young interrupts and gets Angle to agree to an I Quit match for the title with no interference allowed. Lashley then spears Young and Angle announces that Lashley will also be part of his team for a Hardcore War match.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online